Heathrow T2 Retail Vision & Strategy.

BAA / Animated film
June 2012

As part of Portland Design Team, we provided BAA with a trends forecast, incorporating global macro trends, industry expert interviews and an overview of key consumer and retail trends for the next five years, in order to future proof the offer at Terminal 2A.

"Our clients were watching this film speechlessly, and completely blown away!"

As we were working together to finalise the storyboard, I created the graphics with themes of airport and travelling simultaneously. After completing the artworks, I made the set for the filming by hand, and freelance animators filmed every scene according to the storyboard and the artworks.

This was a great opportunity to work with other specialists like insight researchers, story tellers and animators, and the result was excellent as well. Heard from Ibrahim who presented the video to BAA saying, 'Their minds are just blown away'

Jun Kwon, Korean speaking, wayfinding, 권준영 영국 거주 한국인 디자이너, digital designer, hybrid designer, UI UX designer, branding

Graphic Designer London | Junkwon

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