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The Place.

Cafe branding , promotion, poster, photography

April 2016

After the successful launch in 2013, The Place apparently has been the best cafe in the area. The client, Kim was looking to expand their offer including new desserts, salads and small bites. I was commissioned to promote The Place on the internet creating a brand new website and the new menus via posters. Of course, I was responsible for taking beautiful photographs to show the deal.

" A brand new website for an another level of promotion and beautiful posters for new offers with compelling images. "

It is great to see a brand grows vigorously and influences it's own identity, offers and environments. The brand The Place has created a daily impact to the locals bringing a unique satisfaction to not only the Monmouth coffee lovers but also all the normal customers.


The brand has been successfully communicated in many different ways including wall graphics, posters, other prints, packages, website and so on adding more value to itself.

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