The Place.

Branding, Cafe, Interior

January 2013

One of my friends was planning to open a cafe in my local area and asked me design this cafe from A to Z as a solo freelance designer. This includes naming, branding, cafe plan, sign design, shop front design, interior & space design, kitchen design, window and interior graphics, lighting plan, menu board design with calligraphy and takeaway cup & bag design.

Designing a cafe from A to Z. "

The Place launched in March 2013 in New Malden and has become the most famous and busiest cafe in this area with one of the most famous coffee brands in London, Monmouth. Also my wife started supplying home made cakes and cookies that are just yummy.

Jun Kwon, Korean speaking, wayfinding, 권준영 영국 거주 한국인 디자이너, digital designer, hybrid designer, UI UX designer, branding

Graphic Designer London | Junkwon

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