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Mr. Kimchi.

Website Renewal & Package Design

July 2017

Mr Kimchi is a premium Kimchi brand launched by Yoon Global LTD in 2013 in the UK. I created the brand, packaging and promotional materials which led them to a successful launch. In 4 years time Mr Kimchi have grown in every possible way and become the best Kimchi brand in UK. This time, the client team asked to renew their website as an e-store for wider customers.

" Building an online shop for one of the hottest Korean foods in London. "

One of the most important factors of the great success of Mr Kimchi is the combination of great quality product and powerful brand implemented in packaging and other overall design. The new website has even enhanced further the brand value with a very critical function, e-store. It has become Mr Kimchi's beautiful and attractive shop front and started selling the products to customers from all around the world.

Gift Bag
2kg Bag
500g Pouch
330g Jar
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