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330g Jar

Mr. Kimchi.

Package Design, Branding

January 2013

This was a branding + packaging project for Roll Tree

The brief was to promote Kimchi - a traditional Korean dish made of vegetables with varied seasonings - to the locals in UK. Due to low awareness of Kimchi in UK, an eye-catching and fresh look was needed to promote it in a friendly and an easy to understand way.

I named the brand Mr Kimchi, and created a character in a shape of cabbage, which is the main ingredient of Kimchi. It was not straightforward to find a right material and form for packaging, because Kimchi is not solid but has juice and strong smell. After visiting quite a few manufacturers and I found a good solution with a clean look and an easy way to manufacture.

500g Pouch
2kg Bag
Gift Bag
Other Prints
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