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Montruex Jazz Cafe.

Cafe design at Harrods

June 2012

This is a cafe design project I have done at Portland Design. Our client wanted to launch a new Montruex Jazz Cafe at Harrods in London after their success in opening two cafes in Zurich and Geneva. The main theme was Montruex Jazz Festival that was founded in 1967 by Claude Nobs, celebrating their famous and robust brand and adopting it into the graphical language and interior design.

I worked along with our graphic team and we finalised the environmental graphics as our interior designers were working on the interior. And I took a lead on the menu design, reflecting an idea of making it an old record look. It has three different parts including an outer sleeve, an inner sleeve and a record inside, each contains different contents like top menus, food, beverage and wine.

You can see the whole cafe design project here.

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