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Kingston Korean Festival.

Festival / exhibition ID, event promotion, programme booklet, poster, leaflet
September 2017

Kingston Korean Festival in the Ancient Market on 16 Sep 2017 celebrated the culture of Europe’s largest Korean community, based in New Malden. The brief was to the create and identity of the festival and other promotional print applications directing the whole concept of two main programmes - A Community Festival and an Exhibition at Kingston Museum.

" Kingston Korean Festival - A new identity and design provision for a festival that reflects a unique culture blend in Kingston"

Following the great success of last year’s Autumn Full Moon Festival, Kingston Korean Festival 2017 returned to Kingston where the biggest Korean community in Europe is based. This year, Kingston Korean Festival was running two main programmes to celebrate Korean culture and engage with British people in many ways: 

  • Experience how Koreans are celebrate their first birthday at the Kingston Museum

  • Come and enjoy the Community Fest in Kingston’s ancient market place. Try mouth-watering Korean food and watch various performances, such K-Dances, K-Music and Hapkido created by Koreans artists in collaboration with the local British artists


Justina Jang, the director of The Korean British Cultural Exchange (a non-profit organisation established to organise cultural and educational activities to promote Korean culture in the UK) has asked to take the lead of the whole design work for this festival including a brand new identity, promotional materials and event design.


With an insight that the festival should represent a unique blend of two cultures - Kingston and Korean - I chose two colours reflecting each of them and created a symbol of blossoming - blooming culture of the local people and Korean residents.

Festival Items, Poster and Leaflet
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