i, kid.

Exhibition ID, wall graphics, Booklet, Poster
January 2017

i, kid. is the 2017 art exhibition and performances at the Korean Cultural Centre UK presented by Korean Artists Association UK.

Seoyoung Kim, a professional curator with a deep knowledge of Korean art, was in contact and commissioned me to do the design work for the exhibition including exhibition ID, wall graphics, prints and slides on digital screens.

" i, kid. - a range of art and artistic genres each exploring themes of nostalgia and memories of childhood "

i, kid. had a concept of presenting a range of artistic genres each exploring themes of nostalgia and memories of childhood, where the personal memories from various ages and backgrounds each tell a different narrative. That the exhibition would provide visitors with a moment of rest and the chance to reflect upon their own childhood and the memories that such a reflection invokes. 

The exhibition ID and title had it's former name, Playground, that changed into i, kid. later. To reflect the themes, a Typographic representation of the ID was made and well accepted with the it's nature of friendly and nostalgic look and feel. Also a ground image with a shadow of a girl on a swing supports the ID with a consistent tone of voice.

Exhibition Posters & Leaflets

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