JK-graphic designer.

Infographics, visual CV
June 2011

The brief was to create a piece of infographics about Jun Kwon reflecting two aspects below;
Jun Kwon, a person
Jun Kwon, a graphic designer

"Objectifying an identity:
Jun Kwon, Graphic Designer"

Dividing whole design into two sections, two questions -How have I become a graphic designer? and What kind of designer am I?- are answered. These two questions lead readers smoothly follow the story line. Using folding pages, the two sections are absolutely separated to let readers more concentrate on the current page with interests and expectation.

Jun Kwon, Korean speaking, wayfinding, 권준영 영국 거주 한국인 디자이너, digital designer, hybrid designer, UI UX designer, branding

Graphic Designer London | Junkwon

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