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Han Collection.

Branding, website, exhibition, promotion

May 2016

Han Collection is a Korean antiques and arts collector who offer Korean antique and art advisory and appraisal service. In 2016 they opened a gallery in a vibrant spot near British Museum regarded as the foremost cultural area in London and had it an opportunity to reposition themselves in the market on line and off line. The brief was to rebrand the existing one and create a strong web presence mainly via a website and on going online promotion.

Establishing a brand and a platform to represent Korean antiques & art in front of your eyes "

The founder, Jinsoo Park had a clear picture in his mind for the new website to be image driven, reflecting Korean art and antiques naturally yet professional looking. I took the idea steps further recommending a new brand that will wrap the concepts and the contents of Han Collection and it's service and convey the core values of what Han Collection offer. 

I was keen to keep it minimal but unique, so listed three core values of the brand as following - Korean, Artistic, Professional - then visualised the three values into three symbols as above. After a few steps of refinement the new brand mark was created that captivated his heart.

Exhibition Posters &Leaflets
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