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Cycling Cities.

ISTD Design Award
June 2011

Cycling Cities was my submission to ISTD competition 2011, 'On Yer Bike'. The brief was to create an information system for cyclists to find their way around cities with fresh thinking on what cycling in cities can offer and how cities can expand their potential through cycling. The solution should show Typographic skill.

"What cycling in cities can offer and how cites can expand their potential through it"
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The idea was to give cyclists a direction code with four colour schemes that they can immediately recognise the direction of where the cyclist is heading. Also the nearest points like underground stations or landmarks are shown with the direction code to help cyclists draw a mental map in their mind making cycling more predictable, efficient and enjoyable.

Thankfully I received an award of commendation. Cycling Cities was exhibited at Design Museum and has been published on a couple of online magazines, TypeToken and

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